Frequently asked questions

To start planting virtual trees in the game, simply explore different areas and look for designated spots where you can interact. Tap on these spots to initiate the tree planting activity. Each virtual tree you plant contributes to the health of the virtual ecosystem and aligns with the SANJAB project’s mission.

Meditating in the game is a wonderful way to find calm and focus. During specific moments in the game, you’ll encounter meditation points. Tap on these points to guide SANJAB through a calming meditation session. This practice encourages mindfulness, helping you recharge and stay present in the game and beyond

SANJAB tokens are earned by completing various challenges and activities within the game. These tokens symbolize your commitment to positive actions and aligning with the values of the SANJAB project. You can use SANJAB tokens to upgrade your character’s abilities, unlock new areas, and enhance your overall gaming experience.

Character upgrades are a great way to enhance SANJAB’s abilities in the game. You can use SANJAB tokens to unlock skills like faster tree planting, improved meditation sessions, and even the ability to communicate with other animals. These upgrades not only make the game more enjoyable but also reflect the values of the SANJAB project.

The game seamlessly integrates moments of mindfulness, such as yoga and meditation, to encourage players to stay present and centered. By participating in these activities during gameplay, you can experience the benefits of mindfulness, which can extend into your daily life, promoting inner peace and mental clarity.

Aiding other animals in the game is an essential part of SANJAB’s journey. When you help fellow creatures by offering food or assistance, you contribute to the overall well-being of the virtual ecosystem. This mirrors the SANJAB project’s focus on compassion for all beings and underscores the importance of kindness in our world.

Currently, SANJAB tokens are designed for in-game activities and enhancements. However, as the SANJAB project evolves, we aim to explore ways in which these tokens might translate into real-world benefits, aligning with our mission of promoting positive actions and environmental stewardship.

Unlocking new areas in the game is achieved by progressing through challenges and activities. As you accumulate SANJAB tokens and earn achievements, you’ll gain access to previously unexplored realms. This progression system encourages players to stay engaged and continue their journey of growth and exploration.

Becoming a ‘SANJAB’ in the game is the ultimate objective. As you complete challenges, enhance your character’s abilities, and contribute to the virtual ecosystem’s well-being, you’ll embody the virtues and values of a ‘SANJAB.’ This achievement reflects your dedication to positive change and aligns with the SANJAB project’s goals.

Playing ‘SANJAB: The Squirrel’s Journey’ offers more than just entertainment—it empowers you to incorporate positive actions into your daily life. The values of mindfulness, compassion for animals, and environmental protection highlighted in the game can inspire you to make similar choices in reality, contributing to a conscious and sustainable lifestyle.